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Published content on www.mobilefunnysms.blogspot.com is related to Funny jokes,  Jokes,   Jokes in hindi,   jokes for kids,    hindi jokes, joke of the day, hence it is always open and doesn't come under copyright law. All published content on www.mobilefunnysms.blogspot.com have been published from all over the internet. Every jokes, sms, images, wallpaper and everything are the assets of their respective owner.
All published content on this blog is only for entertainment purpose. 
All published jokes in this blog are no relation with any particular person, particular place, particular religion, particular caste, particular gender and politician etc, it is only imagination and only for entertainment purpose. 
some time we are used name of any particular person, place and things for example i.e. pappu, meena, boys, girls, husband wife, delhi, chocolate, car etc. in published jokes but this is only imagination, we are clearly want to say to you all published jokes no related to any particular person, particular place, particular religion, particular caste, particular gender and politician etc.  

My aim is not to insult to any person, place, things, religion, caste and gender but if you feels insult due to any reasons by our published jokes. you can contact me on given below email, we will take needful action.

  Due to any reasons, copyright violating issue from you, please contact us: zace693@gmail.com, we will eliminate immediately copyright violating contents.

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